Monthly Archives: September 2009

President Street

I just added The Crown Heightster to the blogroll, and noticed it was saying that “the two blocks of President Street (between Brooklyn and New York Avenues) are literally steeped in undocumented history.” I looked on the map and saw that 1328 President Street, which was where the Andrew L, Somers family had lived (and …

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Once in the Blue Moon

Welcome Back, Blue Moon! Cindy and Henry Koeppel are seen here returning from their 45(!) day sail up and down the East Coast. They started out from New York Harbor with their two ferrets, in their boat the Blue Moon, following the same route in reverse that Henry Hudson took 400 years ago when he …

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Celebrating the Dutch

This week we have been celebrating the Dutch on this 400th anniversary of the discovery of the Hudson River with a week-long “party bash” of events held in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Henry Hudson, working for the Dutch in a little ship called the Half Moon that was only 35 feet long, discovered the …

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9/11 Lights

Some pictures of the Tribute in Light taken from my window.