Memorial Service for Andrew Somers

There will be a memorial service at St. Mary’s in Nassau at 10 Am on November 27, 2010. Friends and Family are invited to bring photos and memories to add to a keepsake book for his daughter, Chelsea. SDSU:In Memorium

Andrew L. Somers II

Somers, Andrew L. II CORONADO, Calif. Andrew Lawrence Somers II of Coronado, died September 7, 2010, at his residence after a courageous struggle with melanoma. He was born March 21, 1959 in Kingston, N.Y., the son of Edward McCor-mick Somers Sr. and Maria Giallongo Somers. Andy was a 1976 graduate of Columbia High School in …

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Our hearts go out to Drew Somers – our brother, son, father, spouse, cousin, friend – who we’ve just learned has been struggling with melanoma. Here is a link that Drew’s wife Sheri has set up to keep everyone posted on his condition and what is happening. There is an area to leave messages as …

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To Our Valentine!

On this Valentine’s Day we’re delighted to unveil our pictorial celebration of Valerie Somers, who was born on Valentine’s Day! We don’t have her bio up yet, but we’re working on it, and encourage all to contribute their thoughts and stories and comments about our beloved sister, mother, aunt, friend. There are tales to be …

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The Old Ice House

The cottage and ice house as seen from Lake Garfield I’ve been told that the Monterey News received quite a few comments – all positive 🙂 on The Somers Men of Monterey. I was contacted by Mike Freundlich, who sent me this picture of the cottage that his family owns on the old Somers property. …

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When they werenÂ’t living on President Street and Sterling Place in Brooklyn, they were staying in Monterey, Mass, either at Somerset (the Big House) or at Glen Fern (the Cottage) or in Mouse Manor (the tiny cottage). Later, some of them lived on Hupi Farm and Rock Ridge Farm. They were the “I Love Monterey” …

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President Street

I just added The Crown Heightster to the blogroll, and noticed it was saying that “the two blocks of President Street (between Brooklyn and New York Avenues) are literally steeped in undocumented history.” I looked on the map and saw that 1328 President Street, which was where the Andrew L, Somers family had lived (and …

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Once in the Blue Moon

Welcome Back, Blue Moon! Cindy and Henry Koeppel are seen here returning from their 45(!) day sail up and down the East Coast. They started out from New York Harbor with their two ferrets, in their boat the Blue Moon, following the same route in reverse that Henry Hudson took 400 years ago when he …

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Celebrating the Dutch

This week we have been celebrating the Dutch on this 400th anniversary of the discovery of the Hudson River with a week-long “party bash” of events held in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Henry Hudson, working for the Dutch in a little ship called the Half Moon that was only 35 feet long, discovered the …

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9/11 Lights

Some pictures of the Tribute in Light taken from my window.